Nominate Your Favorite Richmond Hill Dish for “100 Plates Locals Love”

Richmond Hill does not have an Olive Garden. We don’t have a Chili’s, an Applebees, an Outback or even a Chic-fil-a. Nope. There’s not a Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday’s or T.G.I. Friday’s in sight. What we do have is a wide variety of locally-owned restaurants that serve up a daily dose of ah-mazing food and personal service you won’t find just anywhere. In a world where every place is beginning to look like every other place, we still have our own little slice of special.

Through November 30th, Georgia Tourism is collecting nominations for the 2016 edition of the wildly popular “100 Plates Locals Love!” guide.

Richmond Hill is filled with unique Southern dining experiences. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, show Richmond Hill some love and nominate your favorite plate today at 

I will be sharing my favorite plates around Richmond Hill. Be sure to let me know your can’t miss dishes as well!

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